Place Mats

PM-300a June 2014 PM-291a June 2014 PM-289a June 2014 PM-276a May 2014 PM-231a Dec 2013 PM-253a April 2014

Our place mats are approximately 21 inch x 13 inch.  We have designed our place mats to comfortably fit a food & water bowl for a dog or cat or a toddler just learning.  Each mat is cut with a different pattern on top to the bottom.


Our mats are made from cotton with a thin layer of batting sewn to the top and another to the bottom.  Once put together they are over stitched to prevent balling up in the washer or dryer.


Place mats are  $10 each, 2 for $18 or 4 for $35.  All pricing is in Canadian dollars.  Shipping is extra.


This page shows a few samples of place mats that we have made.  Most of our fabrics are shown on our Fabric Page.  Not all fabrics shown are available for each of our products.

PM-305a June 2014


Go to our Ordering Page for detailed ordering information & how to contact us on fabric availability.