All our Products are hand crafted from quality fabric

 In creating our products we have discovered that all of our products can be used by dogs, cats, babies and toddlers.

Otie and his new sleeping pad 012  People have purchased our Pet Mats as Change Mats for their babies. The 3 sizes were original designed  fit Wire Crates and Portable Kennels. Customers tell us they are not just used in the kennels but on the couch, chair, in the car, on the floor & hotel/motelrooms when travelling. The thickness of the mats is perfect for baby change mats. They can be used at home or rolled up fitting in any diaper bag ready to go.

   Cookie & quiltThe Quilts and Blankets that we designed to fit rescued dogs are also a perfect size for babies and as a throw cover for kids. Our Place mats were created because we have four dogs and we wanted each to have their own spot to go and eat. Our great nieces wanted to pick their own as well. The place mats are sold as each so they work for both kids and pets. They have also been sold as sets for the pet lovers tables.

   10408587_763866053697829_4721863461041023112_nIt wasn’t until we started fostering for a local rescue group (AUOW) that we came up with the perfect design of Belly Bands for the boys that mark. They are also used in the aid of house training. We have customers that can now take their boys into other homes without worry of them marking everything. Our Snoods are used for the long eared dogs, keeping their ears out of their food. Not having to wash ears after every meal makes a big difference. Our snoods have also been used as ear protectors when out in the cold, during grooming and other uses.

   Our “Tara Toys” are made for dogs and cats. Most of the cat toys have catnip in them and the dog bone toys have been Dixie tested for durability.

          All our products were designed with Rescue in mind.  They are machine wash and dry, over and over. They are designed to last.